Bayhass is a leading producer of the finest high quality signature abaya in the Middle East .For over 10 years of expertise in high fashion industry, now we’re opening our online store to reach out and serve our customers worldwide .
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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia + (966)-540247474
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policy – سياسة
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Note: For ready-made abayas, refund within one day and replace within 5 days. Abayas which are custom made won’t be replacement nor retrieved. You may only modify

ملاحظة : بالنسبة للعبايات الجاهزة الترجيع خلال يوم واحد فقط و استبدال خلال ٥ أيام .
عبايات التفصيل لا استبدال و لا استرجع فقط تعديل .

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